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» Help us in our efforts to restore Sanity and Honesty to our world.
» Support Bernie Sanders, the ONLY honest candidate that cares about people.
» We have temporarily altered our site during this crisis point in U.S. political history.
» The levels of corruption and deceit in the political system are intolerable. We must act to restore people's voice in government.
• NBC & the Assoc. Press should be condemned by all as unethically manipulating the presidential election by declaring Hillary the Dem. candidate before thousands of people had their chance to vote, fully disaffecting them and stealing their ability to vote.
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We want everyone to Wake up and Stop the Corruption in the U.S. political system
• Both the Republican (RNC) and Democratic National Committees (DNC) are corrupt, defrauding the american public by helping big money dictate election outcomes.
• For decades Bernie Sanders has honestly represented the interests of ALL the people, not moneyed interests.
• The Clintons began Buying superdelegates months ago, likely with money laundered through their foundations.
• Stop the back-room dealings. Crooked Wasserman-Schultz faces demands for removal by over 70,000 people.
• We would love to see a woman president. But, Hillary is owned by the Banksters. Dr. Jill Stein, of the Green Party, would be much better for the integrity of our nation. BUT, THE GREEN PARTY ISN'T COMPETENT, they MISSED the REGISTRATION DEADLINE IN ARIZONA.
• Bernie Sanders is the most honest, caring and progressive candidate.
• Please do your homework, examine the records of all the candidates. We are sure you will see Bernie is the only one who deserves your vote. But, who can we vote for now? The Justice Party has the same values, but isn't fielding a candidate.
• And it's obvious from his own words that Trump is a Maniac Barbarian.

» Since 1998 we have been an organization working to further the Fine Arts, helping independent artists and organizations. Thanks to your purchases of our works in the past, we were able to contribute thousands of hours and dollars. » We have always worked diligently and ethically to earn your trust. And we protect sensitive communication and we don't give or sell your personal information to others.
Our works are created by us in our Arizona Studios for your enjoyment. Und Sie sollen es wissen, unser Kunst ist Welt bekannt.

We formed the Pima Premier Artists Association to support deserving juried independent artists
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