Valuable Internet Resources & Associates of the Omnigma Organization
This esoteric selection is of sites we have found to be worthwhile, so we support their work. We hope you will support them, too. Some are non-profit. Some are for profit, all are quite ethical. We will continue to update this list. Here is the index to the entire Omnigma Realm
» The Fine Arts ('other than our sites' he said modestly)
   Fiddleheads Violin Studio - violin sales and info - highly ethical
        located in Canada - serves & ships to customers around the world
   Classical Archives - worlds best collection - 14 day free trial
» Educational
   Howard Zinn Foundation - To inspire people to read, learn, and make history
   Daniel Sjursen - historian, author and political analyst
» Political
   Dr. Cornel West - Sociologist and Political Analyst
   Democratic Socialists of America
» Computer hardware
   Parts-People - Dell laptops and parts
   Microcenter - wide variety of computer parts
   B&H photo, video and electronics
» Computer software
   PortableFreeware - free portable windows programs
   portableapps - free portable windows programs
   NoteWorthy Composer - compose, play and print music
   Goldwave - Music and MultiMedia Workstation Programs
» Computer Operating System Info
   DistroWatch - Comprehensive Linux Operatiing System Resource
   Puppy Linux - versatile lightweight operating system
   Mint Linux - highly capable easy to use operating system
» Internet Development Resources
   duckduckgo - The Safe Search Engine
   QWK NET - website hosting - inexpensive, reliable website domain registration
» Economics
   Professor Richard D. Wolff
» Social Benefit
   the American Civil Liberties Union
   the Southern Poverty Law Center
» Sociological & Philosophical
   Hobbes, Locke, and Very Silly Hats - existential philosophical comics
   SkepChick aka Rebecca Watson - socio-scientific blog
   » secularhumanism
   the FreeThought Blogs
   the Freedom From Religion Foundation
» News
   Crooks and Liars - news with a touch of sarcasm
   Techdirt - news of computers and society
   The Electronic Frontier Foundation - protecting your digital rights
   Digby's Hullabaloo - political news & commentary
   Smirking Chimp - The Internet's Band of Incorrigible Spitballers® Since 2006
   All Hat No Cattle - pointed political commentary
   Professor Juan Cole - unique perspective on world news
   Reader Supported News - unique world news
   Truthout - Fearless, Independent News and Opinion
   Common Dreams - Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
» Comics
   Non Sequitur - clever, intelligent comics by Wiley Miller
   Pedro X. Molina - sophisticated political comics
   Mike Peterson - social commentary on comics
   Clay Jones - political cartoons & commentary
All these links take you to sites we do not control. Even though we have visited them and found them to be honest, valuable and have a good reputation, we cannot guarantee the results when you click them.
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