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 You'll Love ThemWhy use our Promotional tools for Small Businesses, Organizations & Professionals?
We are a small business, too. We strongly believe that when we listen to you, work to earn your trust and we provide you with tools that help your business succeed, we will succeed, too. We have the skill, experience and motivation to offer Proven, Efficient, Cost-Effective, Promotional and Advertising tools                    This page current as of: 
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The services offered below are available separately or fully coordinated. When we coordinate all your materials, they create a unique unified image your customers remember and respond to Some items require coorespondence and shipment if you are outside Pima County, Arizona
Extensive Successful Experience in Creating Promotional items and Websites since 1998.
-For dozens of businesses, organizations, artists, professionals, and individuals
-Thousands of mailings, thousands of promotional postcards, thousands of rack cards
-Hundreds of resumes and portfolios, thousands of business cards
-Dozens of WebSites
Proven Skills --
-Technical Writing-
Professional Ad Design, Technical Manual Writing, Procedure Creation
-HTML* native coding- incl. work in cgi, forms, javascript, Search Engine Optimization, etc.
-Graphics Design- Logo Creation, digitize and enhance printed images, backgrounds, buttons, much more. This site is our example
-Ad Page Layout- for newspapers, magazines, flyers, brochures, etc.
-Artistic Renderings- Our artists work in Oils, Acrylics, Watercolor, PhotoGraphics, Computer Graphics, and more.
-Multi-media Creation- Images, music, animations, on CD-ROM, Printed Books w/CD, etc.
-Music- Composition/Arrangement/Production/Distribution/Instruction

Using the above skills, CrossWind carefully creates skillfully designed hand-crafted flyers, brochures, postcards, rack cards, and posters in many different sizes (up to 13"x19" in full color) and many formats in a limitless variety of styles (ALL custom tailored to your needs)We develop them to hand out, to make available at point of exhibition/sale, for special limited distribution locations, or high quantity distribution by mail. We can provide sophisticated Mail-merge functions. CrossWind designed logos are distinctive or we can use your existing image and create ads that generate wide spread recognition of what you offer.

We also offer Professional Small Business Bookkeeping and Data Management Services in the Tucson area. Our experience helps us provide you with visibility of areas where you can save money, retain customers, improve accuracy, reduce wasted time and materials and streamline your operation, we work with you to offer just the right level of structure with forms, procedures, analytical tools, more. CONTACT US TO DISCUSS HOW WE WORK WITH YOU TO IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS:

CrossWind creates sophisticated hand-crafted, cleanly structured, focused, user friendly WebSites using only Inclusive cost-effective tools/programs/methods. We often first work with a client and create a site diagram to facilitate neat, clear, easy to navigate pages.
As another example:
We hand-craft and validate the HTML. Those that use Front Page and other programs are unable to add many of the significant sophisticated and often subtle touches that label a webpage as enjoyable and Professional. And they often exclude people because those programs create pages that aren't compatible with accessibility tools and aren't user friendly. Often they are bulky, quirky, and slow to load.

OOH, look at all the colors CrossWind Web Animation is by GIF, which yields quick loading, reliable, user friendly images.
Those that create pages using Macromedia Flash and other exotic programs are doing a diservice to their clients the following ways:
-Require a special plug-in to view, many people don't want to face the security risk or time involved in downloading and installing some unknown plug-in program and have it clutter up their computer.
-Slow to load, many people with dial-up don't want to wait for a MegaByte Flash file to load.
-Very expensive to create and update, if you want to keep the 'content' on those pages 'fresh' that means frequent updates and in Flash, that means a lot of expense to rework the entire page or pages.
-Often, those pages are invisible to Search Engines, making it hard for people to find them in searches.

*Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the high-level language used to present WebPages to the site visitor.
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