Assertion - 13 January 2021 -

We the founders, artisans and colleagues of The Omnigma Organizationtm continue to work to contribute to the wellbeing and improvement of others.

In the early decades of our lives we immersed ourselves in technical interests and activities. However, for the past few decades we shifted our focus to studying human behavior (intrinsically including ourselves). As a result of that study, we can only conclude that while humans are quite sentient; most lack sapience. People have significant potential to be a positive force in the world. But, all too often exist in a life mired in selfish violence, superstition and bigotry.

For the past few years the ever increasingly destructive sociopathic and psychopathic actions of corporations, politicians and their gullible followers have wreaked havoc on society and the physical world. In the united states there have recently been violent seditious and even murderous activities carried out by the president of the preceeding four agonizing years and his rabid followers. Yet, now, all of a sudden, those who incited and defend that destructive, thuglike behavior are hypocritically calling for 'unity and reconciliation'. We cannot compromise our pacific, constructive ideals to engage in unity with the lying barbaric entities that have been espousing violence and destruction. As a result of careful, factual research and observation, we opine and declare the united states is a failed third-world country where dishonesty, violence and lawlessness predominates.

We value diversity. However, there is an insurmountable divide between civil disagreement and thuglike violent behavior. We support and will engage in constructive, reasoned, civil discussion with those holding other points of view. But, we are pacific (peaceful), constructive and progressive. Violence is the antithesis of what we stand for and practice in our lives. We abhor bigotry, selfishness and superstition and work to avoid them taking hold in our lives.

The resources of our websites will not be available to the public during this perilous time.
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