Cole Danwell
9712 NW Raintree Blvd
Corvallis, Oregon 97330
Phone (voice and fax): 503-999-0000
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Management Professional

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  Management position in a professional environment which will provide opportunities for me to contribute to the success and efficiency of your organization and all the employees. This will work toward fulfilling my desire to be a respected team member and also contributes to my need for ongoing intellectual growth.
This resumé file may be entered into electronic evaluater software. a printable version is available. Please contact me by any of the above means for a high quality printed copy and to discuss how I might make a positive addition to your organization.
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  Business management focused Logistics and Problem Solving, Cost Control through personnel management, organization performance improvement through perceptive analysis, research and work task refinement. Proficiency in a wide range of hardware and software, excellent skills in written and spoken English, sophisticated artistic and graphics design sense, multimedia creation, and more.
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1998-present: Freelance Photographer, Corvallis, Oregon.
Sociologically Significant Photography and Commercial Photographer. Independent contractor to many local firms for needed specialty images for advertising, web site development, etc.
Accomplishments: Invited by CrossWind Communication arts to create an on-line gallery.
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1993-97: Manager, Acorn Electronic Parts, Hundred Oaks, California.
Store Manager Responsible for all store functions.
Accomplishments: Improved profit margin by creating cost-effective local advertising and increasing efficiency of work methods (procedures).
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1987-92: Assistant Manager, Mister Click Camera Store, Oakdale, Kansas.
Responsible for all photo development and products buying.
Accomplishments: Achieved, along with hard work of others, tripling of store business volume in both supplies and services. Provided in studio and on-site professional photographic services which received positive responses from all customers.
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B.S. Business Management: Northrop University, Inglewood, CA.
Professional Photography Courses: 24 semester credits, Oakdale Tech Institute, Oakdale, KS.
Professional Management Courses: Oakdale Tech Institute, Oakdale, KS. 120+ hours
High School Graduate: North Memorial High School, Oakdale, KS.
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  Available upon request


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