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 CrossWind Communication Arts, our motto is Toward Enlightenment through Communication by Means of the Arts and Sciences
Information current as of March 2009
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We've Created Dozens of Easy-to-Navigate, Efficient, Highly Accessible WebSites since 1998
Details of Typical Sites -- all are Unique, Custom Designed for YOU and include 1 year of Hosting and Domain Name Registration Cost of Investment
»Standard Custom Site Multi-page, E-mail with forwarding, Graphics, Links, More
 >Design Site Architecture  >Create Master Layout Design  >Develop Graphic Elements
 >Optimize Client Graphics
    up to 10 images
 >Configure Server & E-mail fwd'g  >Create additional Pages
    up to 5 total
  $399 equiv. to
~$34/mo. for 1yr
»Expanded Feature Custom Site All Standard Custom Features plus the following:
 >Newsletter Autorespond  >Advanced Layout Design  >Animate Logo or Background
 >Optimize Client Graphics
    up to 15 digitized images
 >Create a Secure Online Form  >Create additional Pages
    up to 8 total
  $555 equiv. to
~$47/mo. for 1yr
»Full Custom Site with Secure Gift Shop/Gallery All the Expanded Features plus:
 >Create Online Shopping Cart up to 20 items with images  >Create two Secure Online Forms
 >Setup Server with full 128 bit SSL Security  >Create 5 Client Logo buttons
  $970 equiv. to
~$81/mo. for 1yr
To better meet your needs, we also offer specified task work on an hourly basis.
  Why you should you have a WebSite        A note about page style
We also Create:
      •Resumés - Web & Paper -- Public & Private versions are available
      •Tour Sites for Home Sale or other needs - with fact sheet & slide-show tour
Use the Contact Button to get a Free Estimate for these.
We create animations, slideshows, autoresponders, keywords and many other special features
PLEASE NOTE: Our works avoid damaging your PC. They are virus/malware free.
PC Operating System flaws might display erroneous warnings.

then, setup a free first meeting
We won't give or sell your sensitive information to others

All the original Design, Art and Music is created by artisans in our Studios
We work to earn your trust and to help you succeed
We create WebSites, Art, Prints, Artistic Coloring Books, Multimedia Albums, Promotional Items, and more.
An organization working to further the Fine Arts.
A significant portion of our income helps support independent artists and worthwhile organizations in the community.

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