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You'll Love Them Artistic   You'll Appreciate Them Functional   We offer you Quality in products, services, and information Unique   We offer you Quality in products, services, and information Inexpensive   We offer you Quality in products, services, and information Sophisticated
We work to earn your trust and improve your image Why you would want a WebSite that is Easy to navigate, Efficient, highly accessible to everyone!
Our experience lets us create a site to suit your needs, promote your work, save you valuable time and avoid hassle.
Website INVESTMENT offers Artists, Small Business, Organizations, Professionals & individuals true BENEFITS:
• It's a Tool that Meets so Many Different Needs
      - The internet offers the widest range of means to reach and communicate with prospective customers/members.
      - Everything you offer is right at their fingertips - we even create on-line Galleries, Gift Shops, and Portfolios
      - You can have menus of many enticing items, each linked to a whole page of words & images for a visitor to browse
• Increased Income
      - Businesses and organizations can reach many new markets and increase sales to more people than any other medium
• Excellent Contact and Communication Channel - always-on
      - Facilitates sending and receiving messages anytime, anywhere. Better than any billboard or answering service
      - Keep people up-to-date with the latest news and schedule of events
• Most Cost-Effective Promotional and Advertising Medium
      - Starting at an equivalent of ~$34 per month (less than flyers), your Web Office/Store is 'Open For Business' 24 hrs a day
      - Immediate Availability and Constant Exposure to Millions of People
      - Introduce yourself, your interests and what you offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
          We work to earn your trust and improve your image Why would you want CrossWind to Create it?
• Hand-Crafted Quality
      - We always work to the highest standards: Our sites are validated to W3C HTML standards.
      - Efficiency, ease of use, and sophistication are the means we use to achieve our goal of a site the client is proud to have.
• Effectiveness of Communication
      - Our clients have increased the number of people seeng what they offer along with increasing their income,
          often by tens of thousands of dollars
      - Concise Communication is a skill we incorporate into websites. They are quick to open and don't require gimmicky plug-ins
• Low Cost
      - Cost-Effective tools and techniques coupled with proficiency born of experience, yield quality results
      - So we can offer a Full-Featured Website including hosting and name registration for Hundreds of Dollars not Thousands
• An Image that's Uniquely Yours
      - Your CrossWind WebSite will create a positive, one-of-a-kind impression on the thousands of visitors it attracts
      - Each site we create is Custom designed to meet your specific needs
      - We don't use stock page templates or generic graphics
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PLEASE NOTE: Our work is designed to avoid damage to, and does not install programs on your PC. It is virus and malware free. Erroneous warnings, from Operating System flaws might be displayed.
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We work to earn your trust and to help you succeed
We create WebSites, Art, Prints, Artistic Coloring Books, Multimedia Albums, Promotional Items, and more in our Tucson Studios.
We are an organization working to further the Fine Arts.
A portion of each sale helps support independent artists and worthwhile organizations in our community.

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